School Management System Project For Final Year

School Management System Project For Final Year : Education is considered as the backbone of human society. So, education is essential for people these days to make their own identity in the world. Education empowers a human being to develop their personality in a superior way.

Today the world is acquired by technology; this is the reason why kids are moving towards technological degree courses. Today we will discuss why technology is essential in education life of students, teachers, and parents as well to track the progress of their students.

A school management system is software where students, parents, and teachers can track the student's record, create a timetable, generate mark sheets, etc. at one platform.

Why Is It Important?

The school management system is the requirement of the busy life of the parents, teachers, and students as well. By using an offline system, nobody from these three persons can get an update at the right time. Let’s have an example suppose a child is performing poorly at school in some particular project, and teacher need to update regarding this to the parents of that child. Here if the school is using an offline process, then it will take too long to update parents, but in the presence of an online system, parents can get an immediate update.

Another benefit of the school management system is that it is capable of saving lots of paperwork. As e know paper is manufactured from the trees. If we work towards saving paper, then may e we can contribute to saving trees. This means a school management system in beneficial both for human beings and nature.

The objective of the school management system

Every system in this world has its purpose and objective, which they need to follow to achieve goals for the organization. The following are some points which express the objective of the School management system for the school and parents:-


It is a basic feature of a management system which helps to remove the paperwork and cumbersome processes to keep a record of the student. For example, there is no need to make a list of students marks by using pen and paper; they can see it over the web with their respective username and passwords


Computerization helps to avoid errors. There is no chance of redundancy and mistakes when you are doing all the things with the help of a machine.

Easy tracking

Online school management system makes the record keeping process easy. All the three personnel’s like the teacher, student, and parents need to login to their account, and they can see everything about the student. Parents don’t need to go to the school or call the teacher to know how their kids are performing in school.


Today everybody is in a rush because of a busy lifestyle; this is why these school management systems are important. It saves the time of parents and teacher that they don’t need to meet physically to communicate with each other.

Features of School Management System

The following are the various features of the school management system:

• Multi-user Login System • Platform friendly system • Parent and teacher monitoring system • Homework document • Timetable • Student Fee management • Students Report cards • Internal messaging for teachers and parents • Library Management • Profile Management • Daily attendance records of student

As you see, the features include all the facilitates which help the students, parents, and teachers to get and provide the information under one roof.

System Modules

The system is divided into six modules, as follows: • Admin • Student • Teacher • Parent • Librarian • Accountant

Module Roles

Every module has a special role to play, which is stated below: • Admin is a person who has all the privileges to handle all the other activities and modules of the system like profile creation of another module, profile deletion of other modules, keep an eye on the activities, etc.. • Student module is dedicated to students. Here they can see all their information with unique login ID and Password. • Teacher module is dedicated to teachers. Here teachers can update students marks, record their attendance, create or update their time table, etc. • The parent module is dedicated to Parents. Here parents can log in with their Username and passwords to check their kid’s progress. • Librarian module is for library head. He or she can update the library record of the student here. • Accountant module is for administration department where they can update the fee required of the student.


There are many things which compel us to use this Student Management System. If you feel that this project has something to be changed or improved, please share us in the comments section.