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Tips to design better iOS applications

Apple is a flagship brand and owning this brand can have someone relishing their pride of owning it. With Apple being the flagship brand, the users expect the experience to be much better than they think. They say do not judge a book by its cover, but by the end of the day, we are used to it. So, it is important for an application in App store to have much potential than a user expects.

So, if you do have an idea of developing an iOS application or if you are up to doing it in the near future then here are few tips for you to design a better iOS application. These tips will help you compete with the featured apps on the App store. Otherwise, the going for the best iOS design company can always be a good option.

So, let’s get started with the tips to better iOS application designing.

• Wireframing can help!

When the talk is about the application designing, then the UX and UI design is all we talk about. In iPhone applications, both of these design components are crucial. So, the foremost thing you start with when designing an iOS application or any mobile application is spending time on the visual designs, instead, you can start with the wireframes. It is nothing but a simple layout of the app that allows working on the experience of the application. It makes the process intuitive and thus helps you pay attention towards style and visual aspects after you are done with the incorporating of wireframes and ensure that you have a usable app.

• Follow one-to-one policy

Always follow one-to-one rule when designing the screen in your app. The policy is about focusing on one primary goal for one screen. So, if you are designing a screen then you need to focus on that one primary goal your user want to accomplish. When doing this you need to decrease the visual weight of the secondary elements on the screen and emphasize on whether the primary action is clear or not.

• Always avoid the default buttons

The default style of the iPhone buttons is one of the biggest design pet peeves for the developers. It’s appropriate to accept the fact that the default elements included in the iOS fits well. But, then there’s a thing with the default button. The default button styles do not match when you are dealing with the modern interface designs. So, the developer should customize the button styles depending on the design and never go with the default provided ones.

• Make sure to balance the information and views

Navigating from a view to a new view is easy for the user. So, if you got a lot of information to provide in a single view then always try to add another view in such scenario. This can help you portray your information clearly while keeping the screens less crowded and also making it easier for the user to understand. These were the basic tips one could follow when developing the iOS application. The development process is always a big task, and hence finding a best iOS design company can help you deal with the things easier than ever.