Top 10 CodeIgniter Interview Questions And Answers -2021

CodeIgniter is the very famous MVC framework. This framework have been developed from PHP scripting server side language.CodeIgniter is used for developing small level projects that is rich of library and functionality. CodeIgniter have very good documentation to helps the developer to setup nicely. This time, 70 %  website , has been developed by CodeIgniter Framework.

If you are looking for job as developer , Then its the best framework that helps you for getting job very quickly.Before getting the job , you need to prepare well Codeigniter interview question . This is the compiled list for codeigniter interview question by our expert. We have collected the list of codeigniter interview question by the candidates , who attend the interview in top mnc company.

So lets start for 10 most important and frequently used CodeIgniter interview questions.

Codeigniter interview question and answer

1. Whatis s the databases supported by CodeIgniter .

Ans –

MySQL : It supports , By the helping of PDO and MYSQLI drivers

Oracle: It supports , By the helping of PDO and oci8 drivers.

ODBC: It supports , By the helping of PDO and ODBC drivers.

SQLite: It supports , By the helping of SQLite2, SQLite3, and PDO drivers.

CUBRID: It supports , By the helping of Cuboid and PDO drivers.

Interbase: It supports , By the helping of via iBase and PDO drivers.

2. What is the features of CodeIgniter hooks.

Ans This is very famous CodeIgniter Interview Questions asked in an interview. Hooks features is the changing inner core functionality without that change the core files in the framework work. There are below some different type of hooks implmented in codeigniter.

1.Pre_controller: It is basically called prior to all the called or initialize controllers
2.Pre_system: It is basically called during the system execution process.
3.Post_controller: It is called exactly after the completion of the controller execution.
4.Post_controller_construcor: It is called just after the initiation of the controller execution but before to any method processing.
5.Display_override: It is basically to override the display method.

Post_system: This is called just after the end of the system execution phase and just after the final page and associated data is processed to the web page.

3. Whats the different functions used in CodeIgniter ?

Ans – There are few important function used in codeigniter


4.What is importance of CLI in CodeIgniter ?

Ans – CLI is command line interphase , based on text-based. CLI is used for interaction purpose by executing a set of commands.

There are few important used of CLI.

Cronjobs, That can be executed without using wget or curl.

It could be implmented to set permission,run caches and other interrelated tasks.

5.What is inhibitor in CodeIgniter ?

Ans – Inhibitors are very known class for error handling that is associated with codeigniter. That is few function that are used for the same.

Register_shutdown_function etc.

6.What are the routing in CodeIgniter ?

Ans – It is very good question . Because routing play important role , when you need the URL for seo friendly. It can be define in two ways.

:any – It is used for only matched characters
:num – It is used for only matched numbers.

Regular Expressions: In CodeIgniter, own regular expressions can be created and implemented to run and execute the URLs.

7.What is CodeIgniter Library ?

Ans –

Codeigniter are very rich of library . Support team of codeginiter are continuously improving , updating and enhancement the feature of library.The location of library is

system/library and application/library

We can do :

Create whole new library
Replace whole library
extend the native libary

8.What the features implemented by CodeIgniter ?

Ans – Codeigniter is very easy framework to set up with zero documentation required. It can be used , in case does have a small footprint. It is very easy to find the certain function , methods , library controller from file.So , Bugs are fixed very easily and quick.It is loosely framework.

There are below some feature of codeigniter .

Ans –  Model-View-Controller Based System
Extremely Light Weight
Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms.
Query Builder Database Support
Form and Data Validation
Security and XSS Filtering
Session Management
Email Sending Class. Supports Attachments, HTML/Text email, multiple protocols (sendmail, SMTP, and Mail) and more.
Image Manipulation Library (cropping, resizing, rotating, etc.). Supports GD, ImageMagick, and NetPBM
File Uploading Class
FTP Class
Data Encryption
Full Page Caching
Error Logging
Application Profiling
Calendaring Class
User Agent Class
Zip Encoding Class
Template Engine Class
Trackback Class
XML-RPC Library
Unit Testing Class
Search-engine Friendly URLs
Flexible URI Routing
Support for Hooks and Class Extensions
Large library of “helper” functions

9.What are helper files in CodeIgniter ?

Ans – This is very good and most popular codeigniter interview question asked in interview. Helper are set of user defined function . suppose when you try to do some specific task without the hampering methods of codeigniter and model . helper folder are located in application folder , where you need to create name with helper and create the desire function , load the helper in constructor of controller then call that function in method of codeginiter.

10.What are advantages of using CodeIgniter framework ?


It is reliable and lightweight.

It is compatible with all platforms, Operating systems and web servers

PHP developer could create a web application with high-end functionalities and additional features using the help of In-built libraries and resources of CodeIgniter

php programmer can create web application in a very secured manner using codeigniter framework

Codeginter framework offers hassle-free migration from server to server and easy customization and configuration of files

codeginiter framework minimize the amount of code needed to develop an application of PHP and its make you to focus on projects.

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