PHP 7 available new features and improvements


PHP 7 available new features and improvements helps the programmer to minify the process.
PHP 7 is the most excited and is a coolest and minifier feature release of PHP scriptong language.
PHP 7 was released on the Dec 2015.
we (php programmer ) celebrate for finally release PHP 7 with great new features and alot of improvements compare than the PHP 5 . We are going to describe below about php 7 features and improvements.


PHP 7 available new features and improvements



There are some scalar types as defined below :

Floating point numbers

so , we can used this scalar types as type hints.


/* Scalar type declarations in php 7  */


function addToNumber(int $x, int $y) {

return $x + $y;






In php 7 ‘Coercive Mode’ is enable By default.


Return type declarations :

Before the starting curly brackets of given function , we use colon to hint the return type.



/* Return type declaration */


function addNumber(int $x, int $y): int{

return (string)($x + $y);




if strict mode is enable , It could not be converted to the preferred type are allowed . It is allowed preferred type when strict mode is disabled.



Anonymous classes :

Anonymous classes are very useful when we define a class and instantiate an object inline .



/* Anonymous class */

$obj = new class {

public function foo() {

return "hello";





Closure::call() method :

call() methods is one of the coolest features of PHP 7 which come to minify the process.



/* defined the Closure::call()*/

class Go
    private $foo = 'apple';

$getGooCallback = function() {

    return $this->foo;

//Define in PHP5

$bindingValue = $getGooCallback->bindTo(new Go,'Go');

echo $bindingValue().PHP_EOL;

// Define PHP7

echo $bindingValue->call(new Go).PHP_EOL;


Null coalesce operator :

This is one of the coolest features of PHP . Because, It saves alot of time for Deloper. It tells the compiler , if variable is not defined then returns the default value which is set by programmer.
It is denoted by symbol “??”.

Example :


/* Null coalesce operator*/

$array = ['Exam'=>'pass'];

//Define null in PHP5 

$checkNull = isset($array['Exam']) ? $array['Examp'] : 'fail';

echo $checkNull;

//Define null in PHP7

$checkNull = $array['Exam'] ?? 'fail';

echo $checkNull;


Space ship operator :

It is types of operator that makes very easier whien you compare between two ghiven values. The space ship operator returns value based on the folowing evaluation.

Example :

return 0 = If both value are equall.
return 1 = If left value are greater than the right value.
return – = If left value are less than the right value.

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