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Session :  As we know that sessions are object that is used for temporary user’s request data .

In Laravel : Session data handle by the different drivers like apc, array, Memcached,file, cookie,Redis, and database


config/session.php – Where the Laravel session could be configured


Accessing Session Data :

In Laravel , To access the session data , First We need the session’s instance , which get via HTTP request.

After that , Laravel provides the get() methods , which contain one parameters that is called ‘key‘, to retrieve the session.

This is below example. How to access the session : –

$sessionValue = $request->session()->get('key');


If you want to retrieve all session data in Laravel , Then use all() methods.

Storing Session Data :

In Laravel – if you want to store session data then use put() method. It contains two parameters one is ‘key‘ and another is ‘value

This is below example . How to store session data :

$request->session()->put('key', 'value');


Deleting Session Data :

After Accessing Session Data and Storing Session Data in Laravel , Now it is time for Deleting Session Data. So laravel provide the forget() method , whic is used for delete the particular session data
. It contains the one parameters ‘key

This is below example , How to delete the session data :



Note : In Laravel , If you want to delete all session data then Use flush() method


Example :

Step 1 − We Create a controller ‘SessionController‘ by executing the following command

php artisan make:controller SessionController


Step 2 − This is ‘SessionController.php‘ folder structure :




namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use App\Http\Requests;
use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;

class SessionController extends Controller {
   public function accessSessionData(Request $request){
         echo $request->session()->get('name');
         echo 'No data in  session';
   public function storeSessionData(Request $request){
      echo "Data added to session";
   public function deleteSessionData(Request $request){
      echo "Data removed from session.";
} ?>



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