15 magic methods in PHP

Introduction – Magic methods is special type of function that start with¬† __( double underscore ) and its execute automatically…

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design patterns in php

The 5 Most Common Design Patterns in PHP

Design patterns¬† in PHP provides the idea to follow common patterns that makes developer easier to manage code and its…

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rescue helper in laravel

rescue helper in Laravel, Provides technique to handle exception , Where you can pass parameters as in closure methods. When…

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21 Best PHP Programming interview questions (2021 Update)

This is very important list of 21 Best PHP Programming interview questions that has been asked by interviewer in most…

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wordpress interview question and answer

100+ WordPress Interview Questions [Updated] in 2021

This is well prepared and executed 100+ WordPress Interview Questions for fresher and experienced WordPress developer.Before attend interview , just…

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Top PHP Interview Questions and Answers Asked in 2021

We have top 10 PHP interview questions and answers prepared by experts from Outsource2global. We have taken full care to…

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Codeigniter interview question and answer

Top 10 CodeIgniter Interview Questions And Answers -2021

CodeIgniter is the very famous MVC framework. This framework have been developed from PHP scripting server side language.CodeIgniter is used…

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Complete tutorial for user registration system using PHP and MySQL database.

  This is complete package for user registration system using PHP and MySQL database . This system tells the how…

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class and object in oops php

Class and objects in OOPs PHP

    If you want to know about Class and objects in OOPs PHP ,Then your on the right place…

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Laravel – Hashing

        Hashing is important for secure our password. It converts the string of characters into fixed value…

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