100+ WordPress Interview Questions [Updated] in 2021

This is well prepared and executed 100+ WordPress Interview Questions for fresher and experienced WordPress developer.Before attend interview , just open this link and read complete set of 100+ WordPress Interview Questions.


This is below question and answer for fresher and experienced – 

1) What is mean by WordPress?
2) When was WordPress released?
3) What is minimum requirements to run WordPress?
4) List out some features of WordPress.
5) What is a plugin in WordPress? List out plugin that having WordPress.
6) What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

7) What is mean by WordPress content stored?
8) What is the differences between Posts and Pages?
9) How many types of hooks in WP and what are  functions?
10) Define an action hook?
11) What is mean by filter hook?
12) How do you enable debug mode in WP?
13) What is mean by a WordPress taxonomy?
14) What do you know ,Is WordPress secure or not?
15) What are  default tables are the WordPress, Can you list them?
16) What is the default table prefix for wordpress?
17) What is disadvantages of WordPress?
18) What is the difference between installing and activating a theme?
19) Which ‘meta box’ is not hidden by default on Post and Page screens in WORDPRESS?
20) What is the difference between the two URLs in General Settings? (Hint: WordPress Address AND Site Address).
21) Define Importers in WordPress?
22) What is mean by the custom field in WordPress?
23) Objects are passed by value or by reference? In WordPress.
24) Define the loop in WordPress?
25) How to disable comments in WordPress?

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